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2023 600 point champs - automatic rally champ invites
ST: 400490Caleb Gilbert 8 894
SS: 10308Kylee Kirk 6 848
ST: 361943Brayden Locher 12 837
MS: 325749Elizabeth Johnson 12 778
ST: 375412Alyssa Case 6 759
SS: 349091Andrew Meyer 12 751
ST: 400289Andrew Hunt 6 676
SS: 219457Lane Schlafke 12 649
ST: 400343Dylan Auwerda 4 642
SS: 400483Lydia Marthey 6 640
SS: 213962Alexa Garren 7 636
ST: 215188Sadie Meyer 12 627
ST: 400677Jensen Stull 6 604
MS: 8694Dakota Thomas 6 601
ST: 209038Zachary Gordon 12 600

Note: Results only include rallies where paperwork has been submitted and approved.

C-9.08 ... all participants that accumulate six hundred (600)or more points will automatically receive an invitation to compete in the AASBD World Championship and Rally Challenge Race as a Rally Champion.
C-9.09 Those participants with six hundred (600) or more points will be awarded Rally Regional Titles first.
C-9.10 After the participants that have accumulated one hundred eighty (180) or more points are selected, any remaining Rally Regional Title openings will be chosen using the format outlined in rule C-9.07.
C-11.04 A participant’s point total is determined by the participant's twenty (20) best placements (Placement Points) plus total Participation Points in an AASBD Racing Season.
Placement Points
+ Participation Points
Point Total